GroupOS Protocol

Welcome to the GroupOS Protocol documentation

GroupOS, as the name implies, is an operating system designed to maximize social coordination efficiency and empower organizations using onchain technology.

Despite being a single protocol, GroupOS smart contracts can be delineated into two categories, its generics: 0xRails, and its specifics: GroupOS. Think of each part as follows:

  • 0xRails is a suite of modularized moving parts that can be arranged to suit the general needs of any organization. In short, it serves as the rails on which GroupOS runs.

  • GroupOS houses 0xRails and extends it with specific implementations to complete a modular social operating system. GroupOS provides external-facing systems designed to meet the onchain needs of any group, whether it be gasless signatures or modular handlers for NFT metadata.

For example, where on the one hand 0xRails provides the specific Rails flavors of ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 implementations, GroupOS on the other hand provides peripheral tools for those specific flavors. These tools include contracts like a factory to deploy Rails tokens as well as minting modules to handle funds and mint tokens.


For a deeper dive, check out the following references:

Start building with GroupOS

GroupOS targets the layer of abstraction that offers maximal compatibility with any social organization, from unions and restaurants to DAOs and social networks. If your organization has an idea for moving operations onchain, submit information using our TypeForm or reach out on Twitter!